Prostate Cancer Symptoms - Risks, Treatments and Prevention

What is prostate cancer? Simply put, prostate cancer is a disease that is found in the male prostate, which develops slowly in the body. Unfortunately, prostate cancer doesn’t initially show any symptoms until it is at an advanced stage. That means that without proper testing, there isn’t a simple way of knowing if you’re affected by this deadly disease.
Any type of cancer means that cells in the body start to grow rapidly and out of control. The scary part is that cells in almost any part of your body can become cancer cells. But they’re not limited to that specific area – remember, they grow out of control. This means that they tend to spread to nearby areas.
Prostate cancer begins in the prostate, which is an organ only found in men. It’s responsible for making some of the semen fluid. In terms of size, the prostate is a small organ roughly the size of a walnut. Position wise, it’s in front of the rectum and below the bladder.
There are multiple types of prostate cancer – sarcomas…